eFIN Wallet is a secure, peer to peer, non-custodial, decentralized wallet. eFIN Wallet ensures the user’s digital assets are safe by storing them on-chain.

Only the user has the private key, meaning the user has complete control of his/her funds unlike wallets in centralized exchanges.

Since user security and privacy are both highly important, the eFIN Wallet never has access to users’ private keys.

The eFIN Wallet download file will initially be available for Windows OS ; (Mac OSX and Linux files will come at later dates).

eFIN Wallet will easily connect to eFINSwap and the new eFIN Mobile Wallet via QR Code. This allows users to securely store crypto assets in the eFIN Wallet, efficiently swap them in the eFINSwap, and be able to access their assets on the go with eFIN Mobile Wallet.