Protocol PoSv3 PoS means Proof-of-Stake, which is the method eFin uses.
Block Time 2 minutes Block Time is the amount of time it takes to complete a block in the blockchain.
Difficulty Re-Target 24 minutes Difficulty retarget is when the chain decides to alter its difficulty depending on how many people are staking or mining.
Nominal Stake Interest 5% first year, 1% thereafter Nominal Stake interest is the amount of EFIN coins earned while you have your desktop wallet open and staking.
Minimum Stake Age 7.5 hours Minimum Stake Age means the minimum amount of hours a desktop wallet has to be running to claim any rewards. Keep in mind that a mobile wallet or platform (outside of eFin) that holds EFIN coins will not be eligible for staking rewards.
P2P Port 40627 eFIN’s Peer to Peer port allows connections between peers.
RPC Port 51735 eFIN’s Remote Procedure Call Port is to allow connections to our server.
Blockchain explorer Website http://explorer.efin.com


Minimum Fee 0.00001 EFIN / kb This is the fee that will be charged for every transaction made on the blockchain, but it is not a fee that eFin would receive; it is essentially burned. This fee is variable based on the size of your transaction.
Confirmations 6 blocks This is how many times in the network a transaction has to be confirmed before a transaction can be approved.
Maturity 100 blocks This is the number of transactions it would take to complete a block in the blockchain.