WeFIN Coin is a wrapped eFIN Coin and BEP-20 token that will act as its own ecosystem, having several features such as quick, low-cost transactions designed to benefit the user.

WeFIN Coin will integrate with eFIN Bridge to create tradable pairs in the BSC environment such as WeFIN/BTC and WeFIN/USDT.

WeFIN coin and eFIN Bridge will be a significant addition to the eFIN ecosystem and empower the platform to become one of the top players in the DeFi world.


WeFIN Coin is currently available on the Coinsbit Exchange. WeFIN Coin is also available for trading on the eFIN Dex and will be available for trading on eFINSwap when updates are released for this.

  • WeFIN may also be swapped on PancakeSwap.

    To swap WeFIN, simply add contract address: