Democratizing the stock market starts with levelling the playing field for all investors

Meet the Team

eFin was formed by a group of passionate investors who believe that the qualitative story is equally as important as the quantitative one when making a financial decision whether to buy or sell a publicly traded security.


The fully automated platform is algorithm driven and designed to provide ordinary investors with access to real-time snapshots of potential investments by instantly considering and defining a myriad of objective and subjective metrics.


Until now, nearly all of the available and searchable data relating to publicly traded investments focuses on mundane and easily manipulated financial metrics that provide little to no insight on the overall health of the company.


eFin seeks to level the playing field and empower the individual investor with second level information in ways only institutions and hedge funds with insider contacts and research budgets have been able to do so previously.


To provide an overall picture of the invest-ability of every publicly traded company on demand, thus becoming the de facto starting point for those looking to conduct thorough equities research and uncover hidden gems.