What is eFIN?

eFIN is an ecosystem consisting of the following features:

An extremely fast and secure coin.
A secure, decentralized, peer-to-peer, non-custodial trading platform known as the eFIN Dex.

eFIN Team Ideology

The eFIN Team’s goal is to merge old world and new world finance together.
We are achieving this with our common goal, focus driven, signature network of likeminded partners from both the traditional finance and cryptocurrency digital finance industries, forming an unbreakable partnership destined to rewrite the history of world finance.
The vision of using digital currency as a payment form throughout everyday life is closer than ever before thanks to the individual and collective efforts of our dedicated partners.
The combination of our highly skilled commercial, business and banking individuals uniting their unsurpassed knowledge, and ability to forge necessary changes has created the power to develop world class products and services for the masses.

eFIN Dex

A secure, decentralized, peer-to-peer, non-custodial crypto asset trading platform.
Our decentralized platform ensures that your digital assets are safe, because you only have your private key.
Your digital assets are stored on-chain, and you alone have control of your funds.
You keep your private key, and you keep your funds safe.
Since the eFIN Dex never has custody of your digital assets, the wallets holding your assets are specific to your login only.

Built with an intuitive interface, its multi-signature engine ensures transactions are as seamless as possible.
Also, the eFin Dex is a JavaScript-based download, initially available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Android and iOS mobile apps may be developed in the future if the team deems it appropriate to do so.
Your Keys, Your Coins!

Privacy, Security, and Decentralized – eFIN Dex!

eFIN Coin

A digital coin built on a modern codebase, eFIN Coin runs on its own Bitcoin-based blockchain design, for fast, secure, low-cost transactions. eFIN Coin uses the Proof of Stake protocol,
and has near instant transactions, and exceptionally low fees, with its security maintained by smart contracts.
eFIN Coin is available for trading on the eFIN Dex and a number of other
exchanges including HotBit, Graviex and more…
eFIN Coin will have use cases on the eFIN Dex, primarily as a trading fee reducer or as a trading fee payment option. It will also be used as a dust collector, turning crypto asset dust into eFIN Coins.
(eFIN Coin fee reducer and trading fee payment option under consideration by the team and if deemed appropriate may be developed. Dust collector option if deemed possible by the team
may be developed as well).

Privacy, Security, and Speed – eFIN coin!



Download file will be here when released by our dev team.

Mac OS

Download file will be here when released by our dev team.


Download file will be here when released by our dev team.


For questions regarding eFIN you can find us in our telegram channels.
News updates will be given on our telegram news & announcements channel and on our twitter feed.

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