eFin is the critical secure, decentralized, private and unhackable trading hub of the TokenPay ecosystem.

The EFIN coin runs on its own blockchain with a modern codebase developed specifically for facilitating private financial transactions.

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Secure. Private. Unhackable. Fast.

eFin is a secure, peer-to-peer, decentralized trading platform that never has custody of your digital assets. Built with an intuitive interface, its multi-signature engine ensures that transactions are as seamless as possible.

Your security and privacy are important to us, which is why eFin has optional Tor network integration built-in, and never has access to your private keys. You are in control of your funds.

NEW Blockchain Technology

Built on a new codebase utilizing the latest technological advancements in privacy, security, and speed, the EFIN coin is the utility backbone of the eFin decentralized asset trading platform.

It is built on its own secure Bitcoin-based blockchain (rather than being yet another coin released on somebody else’s blockchain, such as ERC-20) developed specifically for facilitating private financial transactions.

Using a modern codebase, EFIN utilizes Native Segwit, Stealth Addresses, Ring Signatures, Confidential Transactions, and the upcoming RingCTs and Infinitesimal Protocol to offer users advanced privacy protection on a secure, lightning-fast, scalable platform.

eFin is developing a new proprietary blockchain technology that creates the possibility of a tamper-proof consolidated audit trail, infinitesimal transaction costs, and increased transactional velocity. By using a network of bidirectional micropayment channels, our Infinitesimal Protocol* allows for near instant transactions, at exceptionally low fees, with security maintained by smart contracts.

For more information on Infinitesimal, visit Infinitesimal.com and download the whitepaper.

*See roadmap below for release schedule.


We like to reward loyalty, so to show our appreciation, you can receive EFIN distribution rewards just for staking coins that you already own. Read the whitepaper for more details.
Trade on eFin
We need a lot of users trading their coins to bring the volume and liquidity needed to destroy the centralized exchanges. Receive EFIN coins just from trading your coins on the eFin.
Staking EFIN
Once you acquire some EFIN, you can earn a minimum 5% staking reward for helping to power our Proof-of-Stake coin. Read about Network Weight in our whitepaper to learn more.

TokenSuisse makes it easy for institutions and individuals to participate in the tokenization of assets. Owning or converting crypto has never been this easy.

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2018 Q1

1. Leading blockchain development company Blocksize begins working on new blockchain and coin

2018 Q2

1. TokenPay Swiss AG acquires 9.9% stake in WEG Bank AG, which allows eFin users to convert to fiat when bank transition is complete

2. TokenPay Swiss AG acquires 10% stake of TokenSuisse, with option to buy more, to offer eFin users the ability to convert crypto to coin-based certificates and funds, and eventually traditional assets, such as gold, stocks and bonds

3. TokenPay Swiss AG acquires stake in Blocksize

2018 Q3

1. Website Launches of eFin.com, TokenSuisse.com and Infinitesimal.com

2. Rollout of TokenSuisse products; industry first Privacy Coin Certificate released

3. BTC, LTC, XVG, EFIN, TPAY and ETH integrated into eFin with native wallets

Our team

Derek Capo CEO

Derek is a former hedge fund analyst who most recently served as VP of International at RoboTerra. He has a finance degree from FIU and has completed advanced Chinese studies.

Steven Stanfield CMO

Steven has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, working with leading banking and financial brands. He has launched multiple startups, including a nutritional supplement company.

Carlos Cerrato

Carlos is experienced in product design, cloud native development, building and leading software development teams for startups and large enterprise companies. Focused on building AI, decentralized protocols and mechanism design for cryptoeconomics.

Alberto Cerrato

Alberto is experienced in developing Web Applications, smart contracts development and leading distributed software development teams with scrum process for agile development. Following process for design, prototyping and testing with clients.

Rodimiro Cerrato

Rodimiro is a Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience in a wide variety of programming languages and platforms. Highly proficient in C/C++, Java, Python, C# languages and UNIX-based operating systems. MSc in Computer Science and GIS from the University of Minnesota.

Kevin Velasco

Kevin is a JavaScript web applications developer focused in problem solving. Experienced working Front-end, Back-end and smart contracts development for decentralized applications

Daniel Alekos

Daniel is a Computer Science engineer and web developer, with experience building decentralized application with smart contracts, cryptocurrencies wallets, full stack JavaScript and user interface components.

Sasha Ulych

Sasha is a Front-end developer with several years of experience in HTML(5), CSS(3), Sass, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, Photoshop, Twitter Bootstrap.

Dmitri Lantuch

Dimitri is a UI/UX Designer for web and mobile apps, with over 10 years of experience creating wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes, usability consulting, specializing in FinTech/Crypto.