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Ticker Last Price Change Volume Volume Change eFin Score
CGG $ 792.09 3,266.30% 340 -98% 65
IBCD $ 99.94 300.88% 181 -98% 25
IBCE $ 100.75 299.80% 559 -93% 29
IBDD $ 109.29 299.74% 902 -84% 28
IBCC $ 99.37 299.72% 511 -94% 36
Ticker Last Price Change Volume Volume Change eFin Score
DCTH $ 3.39 -94.35% 65,453 40% 50
VIXY $ 7.61 -79.49% 4,283,645 652% 58
UVXY $ 6.41 -78.98% 57,393,456 556% 59
CDTI $ 0.56 -78.95% 183,971 335% 57
GDXS $ 3.70 -75.02% 73,816 615% 60
Ticker Last Price Change Volume Volume Change eFin Score
EWK $ 17.43 -0.63% 8,665,169 6,299% 50
IYK $ 117.33 -0.41% 1,037,862 4,767% 63
KBWB $ 34.55 -0.58% 2,665,561 3,953% 59
IRG $ 1.66 10.67% 1,122,071 2,095% 47
DGZ $ 13.24 -0.68% 197,456 1,713% 32
Last update: Jul. 21st, 2016

eFin is an algorithm driven equity research platform designed to help ordinary people make intelligent investment decisions

For the first time ever, retail investors have access to hedge fund quality information on demand. The eFin algorithm is at the heart of what drives a unique scoring system which generates a series of ratings for every stock that is traded on the NYSE, Nasdaq and Amex markets


These scores evaluate several critical elements relating to the potential investment. The key factors are; Management, Technicals, Fundamentals, Market Sentiment and Governance. They are updated in real-time based on a signal technology procedure. An instant notification system alerts users to vital score changes.


Largely based on the proprietary results that are generated, the ultimate goal of eFin is the creation of a self serve and fully programmatic robo-advisor. This objective is to enable eFin platform users to achieve market out-performance at the click of a button. Full integration with a soon to be announced brokerage is on the horizon


While the robo-advisor is currently in development, there are several competitive advantages that are currently enjoyed by users of the eFin research platform. That is, eFin is the only platform to provide a single page view of all of the pertinent research on a stock that an investor would need before making a buying or selling decision


eFin goes well beyond just the data. The focus is on management and related compensation and motivation. This is the type of second level thinking employed by research heavy institutions. The eFin algorithm sifts through the financial manipulation to provide an accurate snapshot of a company’s real value at any given instant


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